1 .How many horses can your horsebox carry?

Our horsebox can carry 2 horses up to 17.2H, depending on weight.


2. Can you transport a mare and foal?


Yes, our horsebox has an adjustable partition that can be altered so a mare and her foal can travel together.



3. How do you work out quotes?


We quote as a round trip from our base at DY7 5AQ. 


4. Do you do emergency call outs?

No - journeys have to be pre-booked.

5. Are you insured?

We are a fully insured and DEFRA authorised.


6. Do you have a valid Authorisation Certificate which entitles you to transport horses?

We are a fully authorised horse transporter. We carry our certificate on board for any customer to check.


7. Do you share loads?

No, we only offer 1 owner loads or friend shares from the same yard as this is much less stressful for the horse and reduces the risk of cross infection.


8.  Can I travel in the horsebox too?

Yes, seating is available in the cab of the box for the owner to accompany the horse.


9.  What about horsebox hygiene?

The box is disinfected after every journey with a DEFRA approved disinfectant.


10.  Are you able to take my horse's tack and rugs in the horsebox too?

We are able to transport a limited amount of tack/rugs ie two saddles, bridles, rugs; in the tack storage / changing area. If a large amount of equipment needs to be transported then a partition space can be made available for an extra charge.


11.  Can you supply a travel kit for my horse?

Yes, for a small charge and given notice we can supply travel boots, tail guards, head collars and lead ropes. We ask that all horses wear a tail bandage or tail guard. We recommend that if your horse is not accustomed to wearing travel gear then you should practise in advance.


12.  Can you supply hay nets and water?

For a small charge we can supply hay. If your horse requires haylage this would need to be provided by yourself. We always carry water.


13.  Do you carry first aid kits on board?

Yes, human and equine kits are carried.


14.  How far in advance do I need to book?

We would recommend at least 1 week but we will always try to meet your requirements.


15.  Does my horse require its passport to travel with you?

Yes. EU regulations require passports to accompany all horses when they travel.


16.  Is there a cancellation fee?

Any contract cancelled within 48 hours of departure will incur a £20 cancellation fee or loss of deposit paid.


17.  What do I need to do to prepare for transporting my horse?

Have the passport available on our arrival, the horse should be ready for travelling, plus any tack or equipment that is going with the horses available for loading on the lorry.